Saturday, June 13, 2009

I got a job...finally!!

Its true!!

After 3 months without a job, I have finally landed myself a nice cushy little number!

I am currently working for a huge mining company here in Australia, doing computers, well, not really doing computers, but being involved in people getting upgraded computers. The company is upgarding everyone to Windows Vista so need helpers to go around and make sure everything is working fine on their systems. Thats where I come in.

Its a pretty handy job. Decent money too. I've already stocked up on crates of beer and have booked a day trip to Rottnest Island.

Next stop is Transformers 2 with the Gold Pass, which basically means you get to watch the movie in a huge comfy chair, with a table beside you that gets stocked up with champagne when you need it!! Its 3 times the price of a regualr ticket but what the hell, I've been living crap for 3 months now! I deserve it! And it'll get the missus off my back for a while too!! :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I got my second visa!

Today I got an email from the immigration department telling me I got me second working holiday visa! I'm so excited!

I cant believe this. I was nervous for the last week but today I am so happy! This means I'll be able to spend another year in Australia, maybe go up to the Whitsundays again, see what Melbourne is like. Maybe take in Ayers rock and a few other places! I'm so happy!

All I need now is a job to fund all this travelling!! :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still no job

I still have no job.

I've been looking every day since I left my last job, but still I can't find anything. It's not that I'm not getting interviews for jobs that I applied for, its that there are no jobs that match what I'm looking for!

I did get a phone call yesterday about 1 job I applied for. She rang me and asked what visa I had. I told her I had a Working Holiday Visa and she said "oh...well we're looking for people on permanent visas, or residents. bye" and that was that.

I dont think I'll work again in Perth.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bed Bugs

We have bed bugs!!

We've been living in this new house in Northbridge for 2 weeks now, and over the last week or so, we've been noticing an increasing number of bites on our arms, legs, and torso.

We initially thought they were mosquito bites, but after showing them to a friend, they said they were bed bug bites. So we tok off all the bed clothes and checked the mattress and base for any signs of bed bugs, and sure enough we found some of the little F*ckers!!

They're bigger than I thought. They're like baby cockroaches, or brown woodlice.

Heres a little youtube video showing one in action:

More info:

They're such a pain in the ass. Between myself and AnneMarie, we must have about a hundred bites on us. :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

holy crap! Everyone is going home!

Oh my god!

I just got word that Christy, Dave and Nikki are going home to Ireland! This is mental! They spent the last week down south planting trees for a horrible farmer. They were meant to stay for a month at least but came home after a week. Now, because they've given up on finding a job, they've all decided to go home! This is a pity! I hate seeing people going home early because they run out of money or can't find a job. It especially bad in this case because I work for a company who specialise in getting people, with trades, jobs in mines! These mines are also in rural areas so would count towards the 3 months rural work needed for the 2nd year visa!! Also, my new landlord said he put the word out that he knows people looking for carpentry work in Perth. I reckon they could have had jobs in a week or two easy!

Even after I told Christy this he still decided he was going. He has his flights booked and paid for. Dave and Nikki changed theirs yesterday. Now, Ciara is considering changing her flights too! Donna is still in Sydney, Jeremie is gone off to some island a few hours flight north, so that leaves myself and AnneMarie in Perth by ourselves.

The reason they came back up from the outback soon was because the farmer guy they worked for was a right dickhead. He was shouting abuse at them all the time, using woeful language, and calling them all names. He also didnt pay them the correct hourly rate, and charged them 35 dollars for bed and board instead of 10 dollars that he was meant to charge. What an idiot! It was back breaking work, not made any easier by him. They all came back with their hands covered in huge blisters all over. I doubt its something they'll forget too soon, for all the wrong reasons!

Christy said he'll probably try come back to Australia in a couple of years and make a proper go of Australia. Hopefully he'll get the visa. In the meantime, I'll have to get used to having that many less friends over here!

Its a sad day. :(

Moving house

Yesterday afternoon, we moved to our new place in Northbridge. We were paying 425 dollars a week in our last place so the new rent of 290 a week is a lot easier for us, especially with AnneMarie still out of work.

We spent all yesterday (bank holiday monday) packing and moving with the help of Christy. It took us 3 runs to get all our stuff moved! How did we manage to pick up all this excess baggage! In Thailand I had the one rucksack and carry on, now we had about 6 or 7 bags!!

Anyway, the new house is nice. Its 3 bedroom, like the last place, but a little smaller. It has all the essentials, ie 50 inch sony plasma television, Sony Playstation 3, and Microsoft Xbox out the back. Well, maybe not the bare essentials, but enough to get by!! :D

The house has a nice living room, with actual real life sofas (something that was missing from the last place!!) and the back garden has concrete and brick tiles leading up to the converted garage. The landlord has it converted into an outdoor lounge room. with sofas down either side of the coffee table, and a TV, DVD player and XBOX in the cabinet. Perfect for warm summer weekends when friends come over for a beer! :D

The problem now is, yesterday was a Bank holiday (Labour Day) so I wasnt working. Monday is also the day I submit my timesheet in work! As a result, I never submitted it! I didnt even think about it until I was getting into bed after 10! Cue a scramble to get my laptop out and mail my Agency rep about getting my timesheet approved. My boss and agency are located over the east of the country so they didnt have the Bank holiday and were all working, hence why the submmission date was still in effect. I don't think its fair that they don't take into account other states public holiday. Now I don't have enough for next weeks rent! Hopefully I'll get paid this Thursday.....else we might be moving again!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Midnight at the Casualty Ward

Last night, I brought AnneMarie into Hospital.

She was sore all last night and pretty much all week, but last night it just got really bad. We were out for dinner with my aunt and uncle (owners of Bayview House) who were over visiting Perth for a holiday, and afterwards we came home. AnneMarie was still in pain after all the pain killers she took so we decided that she needed to go to hospital. Last year she had an abscess that had to get operated on, and it seems it has returned. Although, it never really healed to be honest.

We went into casualty at about 1am. We saw the nurse soon enough and he took down her symptoms and told us to go see the other lady behind the glass window, who took down contact details and personal information. This was all in the space of about 15 minutes so we figured we'd be seen to fairly fast.

Unfortunately, more and more people came in after us with more severe injuries. We could see the ambulance pull up, bringing in people who had been in car crashes, or fights, or that had broken bones and heart attacks. Fair enough, they were worse off. It would still be nice to get home to a bed though, especially since I had work in the morning.

After a few more hours, we were called in. It was about 4.30am. AnneMarie was put into the bed and the on call doctor looked at it. She decided it needed to be operated on. She could have drained it there and then and sent us home, but she didn't want to, for some reason.

After another hour, the surgical consult came around and he said he'd operate in a few hours. I had been drinking a few too many beers so was starting to sober up at this stage. Unfortunately, the on-set of the hangover, and lack of sleep forced me into getting sick in the toilet in the Casualty ward, within earshot of all the sick people! I even woke some women up with my sick noises!! oops! :(

Anyway, I went home for some sleep at about 6am and called work telling them I won't be in today and explained the situation.

AnneMarie sent me a text when I woke up. She was moved into a ward to await the operation. However, it didn't go ahead as planned. They said they'd operate early Friday morning, but then said Friday evening. She was in pain all this time so I wasn't happy.

Friday evening came and they said they can't operate yet. She hadn't eaten since the dinner the previous night so they gave her some jelly, fruit and a small sandwich to keep her going until the morning, when she was promised the operation again.

Next morning, still no sign of the operation. I was in visiting her again. I spent most of the 2 days beside her keeping her company. She was still in pain.

Eventually, that evening she was brought in, about 6pm. She was waiting for half an hour and then went into theatre. 45 minutes later she got the nurse to phone me to tell me to come back in, as she was out of the operation. It only took about half an hour!

Anyway, she has to stay in overnight. Hopefully she'll be home soon enough.

The problem now is, if she can't move her right arm coz of the abscess, how is she meant to do rural work to get our 2nd year visa? Will I be home in the 365 days stated in this blog title? Or will I get to stay a little longer??? I honestly don't know...